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Hi! I'm Nicole

I’ve got a story for you: a second round interview, one of the best firms in the city, running late, can’t catch a cab, grab a cab, traffic, check phone, I'm already late, get to the office tower, long security line, finally make it through security, jump in elevator (thank god I squeezed in), f*ck I’m in the wrong bank of elevators, ride up some twenty floors express, get out, wait, get elevator back down, wait for the right elevator, forty floors up, doors finally open. Finally. There waits the receptionist and a glass conference room full of people. I take a deep breath; thank god I made it. I walk out of the elevator, focused on telling the receptionist I’m here and... I walk straight into the clear glass wall in front of me... in front of the receptionist and in front of all of the heads in the conference room that have now looked up at me.


Please laugh! I do, every. time. I think of it. It doesn’t really matter what happened after that moment. I could tell you I got the job (I didn’t), or I could tell you that I was so embarrassed I turned around and ditched the interview (that didn’t happen either). 


What does matter is what has stuck with me: there are going to be moments in our lives where things go wrong. Sometimes really wrong. And those moments won’t always be as benign as walking into a glass wall embarrassing the hell out of yourself. They will stun you and mark you and become part of your fiber, your identity, and the stories you share. 


But here’s the important part of the story: I survived. I was fine. Yes, it stuck with me, but I am better for it. What actually happened (walking into the wall) doesn’t really matter. In life, I’ve learned it is really what and who evolves from your challenges that matter. The choices you make and the personal growth you seek because of that wake up call are what’s really important.


Phelan phine is the destination for those that have decided they want to or need to live a healthier life.

It’s a place where I share my favorite ways to bring health into my life. I got here because I had my own wake up call. 


And if you want to make healthy changes in your life you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find the tools you need to be healthy, strong & and free.

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