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A Cart. Some Books. And a lot of Apples.

I've been dreaming of starting this blog for a few years now.

But before this space and before blogs were a thing, I pictured a cart, some books and a whole lot of apples. My GOAL: to share. Share my apples, share my books and share a moment of quiet to whomever needed one. Just a pause in the hectic day to reconnect with oneself, to reset. A healthy bite. Something to read and a few minutes to dream.

I envisioned wandering the busy streets of the Loop with my cart during lunchtime and finding those in need of a few quiet moments. Creating calm in the midst of organized chaos.

I finally found the courage to make this happen. I've been through my own challenges, tipped over my own apple cart a few times since I first envisioned this path. I've moved beyond my determined little cart. But my purpose is still the same - sharing health, strength and freedom from the stresses of our lives.

I am so excited to share with you. And I hope that you'll find ways to reset and reconnect here.




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