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Best Laid Plans

I woke up this morning with this phrase lingering in my head, "The best laid plans...".

And it got me thinking. Is this an ominous reminder that no matter what, sometimes we are destined to fail? Why do we plan? Why do so many of us try to control, when ultimately things can and will go awry? Are we constantly setting ourselves up for failure?

I can think of so many times I have been disappointed because things didn't go the way I had hoped. But then when I look at what came of those moments - those failures have led to a lifetime of treasures. A cancelled party led to an impromptu celebration. A miserable job led to a friendship and a mentor. A missed train meant I was on the platform when the man that would become my husband would be there too - setting us up for meeting, dating and eventually a marriage and a family. A failed pregnancy meant we waited for a beautiful daughter. The list goes on.

And this year is a prime example. 2020 has caused so much disappointment for so many. The cancelled graduations, weddings, celebrations. But I honestly believe there are silver linings in so many of these stories. The creativity, the spontaneity, that has blossomed from our broken plans is extraordinary. Outdoor movies, drive by celebrations. More family time and fresh air when our children needed it most. Community sing-a-longs. Having time to help others when before the pandemic it seemed life was often too busy to even care for ourselves.

If we redirect our focus from disappointment to possibility we are better for it. We grow as opposed to hesitate.

So, maybe "the best laid plans [do] go awry." But, it doesn't I won't plan for the next celebration. I plan and celebrate the changes But maybe, from this point forward it won't sting as much in the future when things don't happen the way they hoped.

Because I am certain there is something beautiful waiting around the corner for all of us - especially when things don't happen exactly how we envisioned them.



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